The many reasons Girls NEEDS to hit the silver screen!

If you’re a fan of HBO series, Girls, then chances are you’ve wondered what our four New York ladies and their abundance of emotional baggage would be like on the silver screen.

The answer to that question is, as we all know, ‘amazing’.

Here are just a few reasons why we need Hannah Horvath and her motley crew to do their dysfunctional thing in a cinema near us soon.

1. We might get more than a three minute rap out of Marnie.

 She has so much more to share with us, right?

2. We may find out exactly why Shoshanna doesn’t love her grandmother.

It’s been bugging us for years.

3. Maybe Jessa or Shoshanna will be ‘the wound’ in the movie version.


4. Maybe Marnie and Charlie will finally have their ‘little brown babies’ together.

Well, we can dream!

5. We might find out what else ‘all adventurous women’ do.

We need to know so we can be a big, brave, adventurous one, right?

6. We might just find out if Hannah truly is the 'voice of her generation'.

Although, we kind of already know.

7. We'll definitely learn if liking someone’s 'quirky online presence' will make up for passing them an STD.

Who doesn’t need schoolin’ on that matter?

8. Maybe Hannah will discover that the point of friendship is to be 'interested in what your friends have to say.'

That'd be handy.

9. Maybe Jessa and Marnie will finally convince Hannah to wash her forehead before a big night out.

Despite Jessa thinking she doesn't want to.

10. Perhaps Hannah will learn how to behave at funerals.

She won't, will she?

Come on Hollywood, make it happen.