Know Your Repealers hashtag is trending during today’s pro-life rally

The All Ireland Rally For Life, an anti-abortion demonstration, kicked off in Dublin today. 

As the event is one of the pro-life movements biggest of the year, one would expect Twitter to be flooded with hashtags about the march. 

While anti-abortion supporters undoubtedly uploaded their opinions and images from the rally under the save the 8th hashtag, a very differet hashtag was climbing the trending charts. 

The #knowyourrepealers hastag has been trending all day, as people take to the social media site to showcase the diversity of age, gender expression and lifestyles that the Repeal movement brings together. 

People have been sharing their personal reasons for supporting the Repeal movement and project uing the hashtag, and many of the stories are seriously moving.  

The hastag has been flooded with tweets all day and they're still coming. 

The tag currently sits at number three in the trending Irish chart. 

The Rally For Life hashtag had not made it into the top trending Ireland Twitter tags at the time this article was published. .