Twitter just copped THIS about Whoopi Goldberg, and it’s in shock


Whoopi Goldberg has been a constant in our lives for as long as we can remember.

From her role in Sister Act and its sequel to her portrayal of Oda Mae Brown in Ghost, Whoopi has brought love and laughter to the silver screen for the best part of three decades.

And yet despite her countless movie and television appearances, there's one thing about the actress which millions of people have failed to notice…. until now.

Ladies, prepare yourselves for this one – Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows.

The revelation has caused thousands of Twitter users to question both their perception skills and the fact that Whoopie has gone eyebrowless… by choice.

1.  A big day, indeed

2. How did NONE of us realise it?

3. What are any of our lives? 

We mean, you think you know someone…