The High Low is the perfect podcast to listen to during isolation

Working from home can be awfully lonely. I’ve started to miss little things like chatting to the barista in my local coffee shop and thanking the bus driver at the end of my commute. We are all craving human interaction, missing our friends and many are feeling lonelier than ever before.

One thing that has helped me feel lighter is listening to podcasts. They’re just that little bit more intimate than a radio show and they don’t play the same Lewis Capaldi song on repeat for what feels like a lifetime.

The High Low returned with a brand new episode today and I instantly felt relieved when I started listening to it. The podcast, which is hosted by Dolly Aldteron and Pandora Sykes, has been the biggest comfort to me in the past, but now it has helped me feel a little less alone as the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic.

We need joyous things like The High Low to get us through these horrid times. Listening to the hosts discuss the little things they miss like flat whites, EastEnders and McDonald’s chips mended my heart a little. It helped me switch off for over an hour and I didn't realise how much I needed to do that until now.


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It was the source of escapism that I truly needed as the lockdown continues here in Ireland. You don't need to scroll through your Twitter feed every five seconds or tune into hourly news bulletins. Don’t bombard yourself with the intense and overwhelming updates. Let yourself unwind and tune out of the scary world we’re living in for an hour or two and listen to this wonderful podcast. 

A new episode of The High Low was the perfect antidote and I hope it can offer you a little bit of joy in these uncertain times.

You can listen to The High Low on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.