The Glossier effect: The cult beauty brand and how to get it to Ireland


You've seen it all over Instagram in it's millennial pink, minimal packaging, but what exactly is Glossier?

The online brand (pronounced like 'dossier') is the brainchild of Emily Weiss, and has a cult following on social media. 

The brands manifesto involves 'skincare first, makeup second,' and champions natural beauty.


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Fans of the brand salute it for it's diligent attention to details, such as the pink and red, 'grammable packaging, and the unique formulas which gently care for skin. 

There is even a hashtag caller #GlossierPink, where fans of the brand have spotted the distinctive shade out in the world.

It's skin care line, including the covetable Milky Jelly Cleanser and Exfoliating Skin Perfecter, are bathroom cabinet staples, and their best selling Boy Brow eyebrow gel and Cloud Paint skin pigments are securely in the makeup bags of models and it-girls the world over. 


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The products are not available in Ireland, but Irish beauty influencers are taking notice of the brand. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get it here, if you're absolutely dying to try it out for yourself :

1. The good old relative abroad

As Glossier only ships to the UK, the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, if you have family tor friends here, it shouldn't be too tricky. 

Simply ask them if you can have the good shipped to their address, and have them them post it on to Ireland, Simples. 

2. An Post

Last year, An Post launched Address Pal, a service which allows you to ship items to Ireland even if the company doesn't have the option on their site. 

If you register with the service, you can have the items shipped to a UK An Post address you will receive on registering.

An Post will ship all items from the UK to Ireland and customers can collect them for just €3.50 at their designated post office. Handy!

3. Parcel Motel 

Parcel Motel has a similar service to An post. If you order your parcel to the Parcel Motel virtual UK delivery address, they can transfer it to Ireland for a €3.50 collection charge.

With a Parcel Motel account you’ll be able to order a broad range of products not usually available to ROI addresses.


Fingers crossed they will consider expanding their delivery to Ireland ASAP.