The ethical fashion line Irish gals are completely obsessed with


All Things Fiona-Lily is fast becoming the slow fashion brand to adorn. Since All Things Fiona-Lily launched in 2019 Fiona has seen demand for her products grow month on month. The secret to her success? Positive quotes, colour therapy, environmental efforts and building an empowered online community. 

Fiona sources end of line or slightly faulty stock from factories around Ireland and the UK to create her positive and colourful line of clothing. Clothing that would otherwise end up in landfill. Everything in the ethical line is bright and bold colours with positive quotes blazed across them. 

The designer is a big believer in the power of colour therapy. Fiona shared: “Colour can greatly influence human emotion and behaviour. Colour has become such a huge part of my life and my son Max’s life and I wanted to use this within my designs and colour palette of the brand. My first quotes were my daily affirmations with Max – be kind, stay hopeful, you make a difference.”

The brand name, All Things Fiona-Lily, is an ode to Fiona’s grandmother Lily – a dressmaker back in the 40/50s. “To this day this makes me smile from the inside out, I adored my grandmother and her detailed sewing work and pattern cutting. I loved watching her work.” On average we only wear clothes seven times before throwing them out, with slow fashion, Fiona wants to promote shopping in your wardrobe and buying better.

Fiona has also recruited 10 Ambassadors to share the positive messages online and set up a membership programme for fans of the brand. Fiona says: “Over the last few months our Ambassador group has grown into such an open, honest and supportive space for us all, without any judgement whatsoever. Which got me to thinking I want to develop a group like membership.” The membership for Self Love Club launching September 7 has limited spaces and includes:

  • Access to “ATFL member only” Self Love Club events, workshops and getaways

  • Secret ATFL codes to shop the new drops before them going live

  • Be the first to know of new designs, stock drops, getaways and workshops

  • A chance to become an ATFL Ambassador before the open call out

  • One off payment per year with a percentage going to Aware Ireland

  • Sticker pack and makeup bag

The All Things Fiona-Lily range includes crewnecks, tees, dresses and beanies.