The emotional stages of making a decision in a relationship


Being in a relationship can be just peachy – you’re with someone you love, admire, and can just about put up with – yay!

If there is one thing that can be next to impossible in a relationship however, it’s making a decision –about ANYTHING! Where to eat, what to see in the cinema, where you should go on holiday, it can take hours.

There have been instances where couples have actually left the video store with no DVD at all because they just couldn’t cope.

Here are the emotional stages of decision making in a relationship:

You can’t wait to get down to deciding where you’re both going to eat, mmm… so much food to choose

Why can’t he just pick? You made your choice, why is he taking so long? He obviously doesn’t like your idea, you should change it…

Your stomach is rumbling and he’s STILL on Trip Advisor…come on!

Of all the places he could have picked, he chose THERE?! No. Absolutely not. Back to square one.

You actually don’t care anymore. Let’s just go to the crappy place you wanted to. Whatever.

There are two outcomes to this decision process:

You FINALLY make a decision and it’s the best feeling ever. And it only took four hours. That’s a new record.

You march into the kitchen, take out waffles, fish fingers and whatever else you can find in the freezer, cook them (for yourself only) and eat them. That will teach him next time, now won’t it?

*The feeling that comes after this is sadness, because once the hunger subsides you feel pretty bad and he looks so hungry, bless him.