The emotional cycle of a break-up


Break-ups are never easy and often it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Here are just some of the emotions you will feel after a relationship ends.

1. At first, you’re all like: “I’m freeeeee.”


2. Then whisky sets in


3.Self-pity takes over


4. You purposely say no to social plans just in case your ex is there


5. Then you find out they are already in another relationship! 

someone else can

6. So, you just sit in the dark, cuddling a bottle of wine. Obviously not the best idea. 


7. Then you come to the realisation: “It was all THEIR fault!”

you did this


8. You try to find closure by deleting them from all social media outlets along with any photo of them anywhere. And their friends too. 


9. And you get all of your family to do the same. 

kim kardashian

10. Then you run into them out of the blue

hello again envy adams

11. And hooking up is only natural, right?

ron and tammy

12. So, what now?


13. And then it all happens all over because there was a reason you broke up in the first place

mean girls

14. But, after all that, you only wish them the best in life. 


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