The eight types of men you’ll find on Tinder!


Ah, Tinder. The single woman's mecca. Whether you're a "swipe now, unmatch later" kinda gal, or whether you vet each profile carefully before making your choice, you'll know that Tinder can provide hours of endless fun, both online and off.

Getting started is simple: sign up with Facebook, choose a few good photos, set your age and location preferences and get swiping. After about ten minutes though, it'll be abundantly clear that every potential Tinder match fits into one of the following categories…

1. The "only in this for the ride" guy
If his "I'm only in this for the ride" bio didn't make things obvious enough, his mainly shirtless pictures should drive the point home. Looking for something serious? MOVE ON, LADIES.

2. The "not over his girlfriend" guy
If one of more of his pictures feature him looking cosy and romantic with another girl, swipe left. For God's sake, swipe left. Nobody wants to be left consoling their date about the one that got away.

3. The "has no idea how this Tinder yoke works" guy
No bio, one blurry group picture… why are you even here, buddy? Moving on.

4. The "can't talk, working out" guy
His first photo probably features him mid-squat, with at least one image of his eight-pack in there somewhere too. We never say no to a toned body, but we'd rather someone with a few other interests too, thanks.

5. The "WTF??!!!" guy
Oh, so he's photoshopped himself against a neon green background and added a unicorn horn to his head. Interesting. Also… terrifying. Although his profile is definitely worth screenshotting for later use, we'd recommend swiping left here for your own personal safety.

6. The "travel is my life" guy
If anyone's going to have a selfie with a tiger, it's this guy. He'll also have a token "gazing thoughtfully over Machu Picchu" or "chillin' with indigenous children" picture, to show how worldly he is. Dreadlocks are also a common feature of this particular Tinderite. 

7. The "I'm too dark and intense for you" guy
Black-and-white emo selfie? Check. Picture of him looking soulful on stage? Check. This guy is waaay too cool for Tinder – except he's here anyway for some reason.

8. The "Classic Hipster" guy
Amazing hair, checked shirt, braces, dickie bow, French bulldog trotting along beside him… you've found the Classic Hipster Man. If you're a Classic Hipster Lady, then by God woman, swipe right!