The €22 party shoes that have just landed in Penneys are GORGEOUS

We love nothing more than a bargain, and Penneys have done us proud once again with their latest shoe collection. 

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If you have been desperately looking for the perfect pair of party shoes, then look no further.

Penneys have released a line of party heels and they come in two different styles, so those of you who hate getting your toes out- fear not!

The shoes are embellished with stunning rose gold appliqué flowers, creating the illusion that they cost you an arm and a leg. 

HOWEVER, priced at just €22, these beautiful glittery heels will make the PERFECT addition to your festive wardrobe. 

They're on shelves in Penneys now, so we suggest you hurry to avoid serious shoe-FOMO. 

Remember ladies: when in doubt, by both pairs!