The Dubliner behind Dracula: Want to find out what made him TICK?


If you’ve always wanted to know exactly what it took to come up with one of the greatest horror stories of all time, then it’s time to immerse yourself in Bram Stoker’s world.

Delving into the mind of the man who wrote Dracula, Mother Stoker’s Sickly Stories will give you an insight like no other.

Taking place on Friday October 28 in North Great Georges Street, the Pygmankenstein Theatre Company and The Gremlin will introduce three writers who will lead you through Bram Stoker’s life as a child.

With three separate stories taking place in three separate rooms, you’re guaranteed to leave knowing exactly how a sickly child ultimately became one of the world’s greatest gothic writers of all time.

And at just €10 a ticket, you’re not going to find a more atmospheric way to spend Halloween weekend without breaking the bank.

See you there, ladies.