The diet we’ve all been searching for

It looks like 4:3 dieting could be the diet plan of the future.

The plan, which involves eating what you want on one day and then fasting the next, let’s those without will power add some balance to their eating habits.

On the fast day, you are advised to have a 400 calorie meal and a 100 calorie snack. Drink plenty of water, have tea and coffee and eat pre-packaged meals with extra vegetables.

On your normal day, you are advised not to deprive yourself and just eat what you want.

The theory behind the 4:3 diet is that the fast days help you identify when you’re actually hungry, so this way you only eat when your body needs it.

Your stomach can also shrink, which means you avoid over-eating on your non-fast days.

It nearly sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?