The crappy things that happen in the airport

Traveling is a very stressful time for everyone. The slightest turn of events can ruin your day and when things go wrong, they go very wrong. If you have traveled through an airport recently or you are dreaming of your summer plans, be prepared.

1. Baggage
Is it necessary to be so overly strict on baggage. When you go into Dunnes or Penneys or Samsonite for our posh readers, are we really supposed to bring a measuring tape and measure the correct size? No. And, does it really matter if the bag looks too full? Give us a break. If you come across an air hostess that insists you check in your carry on – don’t take it lying down. You take out every jumper in the case and put them on. Take crap from no one.


2. First Class
If you can’t spot the rich folk in the airport, check out their bags. They will either be massive or designer. These rich people are the worst on long haul flights. If you’re flying on a plane that has first class and coach, it is like you are in a massive doctor’s waiting room and they are calling up everyone who is better than you first. They swan on to first class and get their luxury bed and better food. Oh god how we hate them.


3. Gates
Your gate is boarding in an hour. Great news, you can get a nice meal before you get on the plane. Now it’s a half an hour until the gate closes. You will start walking but realise it is 20 minutes away. Then you start running. The panic and stress between now and boarding will cause a serious amount of sweat.


4. Duty Free Prices
So, you are on your way to your European destination and you need to buy alcohol before you go. Ah yes the duty free is nice and cheap – 2 litres for €20, brilliant. You go to pay and are told: “Oh sorry that is only for people flying to countries outside the E.U. If you squint your eyes and look at the tiny price in the bottom corner – that is how much they are.” Bring in the awkward moment of putting it all back.


5. Liquids
This 100ml rule needs to end. It is so bloody stressful and now Dublin airport are insisting you have to use their plastic bags. Grrrrr.


6. Searched
There is nothing worse than going through security and getting beeped. Then the always-awkward rub down from the security woman or man. Oh the shame. And if you’re prone to these incidents, you’ll usually look so nervous that it looks like you have something to hide. Just madness.


7. Bad food choices
Is it wrong to expect a McDonalds in every airport? Is it wrong to shiver at the sight of a Quick burger? And is it okay to be sad when all they have are two overpriced restaurants serving below average food?


8. Leaving things behind
Whether you are the person who rushes everyone or you have a friend or parent who is, there are serious consequences. When you get overwhelmed in an airport and are in a rush, you can leave things behind. The gifts to bring home, the vodka for a festival you are going to in a few weeks or that large Toblerone you have been craving. But, you know what is worse? Leaving stuff behind on the plane – so close yet so far.


9. Rude staff
When airport staff are rude it ruins your day, so watch out for this one. You catch someone on a bad day and you could be forced to check your carry-on bag or undergo an unpleasant security search.


10. Bag checks
There is nothing worse than having to open up your bag at security. It doesn’t matter if your underwear is on top or not – it is still awkward and embarrassing. And, most of all, it wastes time that could be spent eating a burger and chips.


11. False promises
When your flight is delayed and you are promised it will take off soon and then it’s delayed more and you’re promised it won’t be long and then it’s cancelled. Worst feeling ever.


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