The buzzwords to use and avoid to find love online


There is nothing worse than writer’s block when filling out your online dating profile! While you could natter away about yourself for hours on a night out, you find yourself lost for words when sweating over that ‘write here’ white box.

According to a study carried out by a leading online dating site, which analysed the word trends among those who had found love, these are the words you should use:

1. Love

2. Time

3. Life

4. Friend

5. Music

Also, among women, those who found relationships online also used the word ‘relationship’ 16% percent more often than those who were still single.

According to the survey, those who are still looking for love are more likely to use words that describe shorter-term activities. For women in particularly, those words are ‘travel’, ‘dinner’, and ‘shop’.

Other words and phrases to avoid are ‘soul mate’ ‘connection’ and ‘financially secure’.

It seems guys scare pretty easily!