The best Twitter reactions to last night’s Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones season five premiere aired in the US on Sunday night, and unless you managed to stave off sleep and stay up late to watch the first Sky Atlantic showing in the VERY early hours of Monday morning, you probably tuned into the second showing here last night… with the possible addition of the three extra episodes that leaked online.

Through some superhuman feat of will, we avoided Twitter enough yesterday to prevent seeing any spoilers, and we won't include any big ones here in case you haven't gotten around to watching the premiere just yet.

What we have done instead though, is rounded up some of the very best Twitter reactions to the GOT return – and there were a LOT to choose from, for example…

1. A few words from the most patient husband of all time
"Is he yer man from Love/Hate?"

2. The woman who forgot she was still in the office (not Westeros)
An easy mistake to make…

3. This viewer who summed up our feelings on GOT in 140 characters
Hit the nail on the head.

4. That theme tune… give us two weeks and we'll be fast-forwarding again
But right now it's like sweet sweet nectar to our ears.

5. This smarmy fecker generally being a smarmy fecker

6. This wise fan who chose NOT to watch the leaked eps.
Smart…we wish we'd had the same restraint!

7. This viewer who learnt a lot about womankind last night
#lifelessons indeed.