The best budget hand cream to use this winter – it’s only €4.99


2020 has become the year we championed our hardworking heroes, the year of nostalgia when our homes became our castles, and the year we discovered the true meaning of day to day essentials. It’s often in times of turmoil we take comfort in those tried and trusted classics and heritage brands that have stood the test of time. The Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream is one such classic, created over 40 years ago and still firmly established as one of the nation’s favourites, part of Ireland’s No. 1 hand cream brand. 

Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream, available in scented or unscented variants, works to provide instant and lasting relief to dry chapped hands. Containing nearly 40% glycerin, it’s very effective at relieving skin dryness, restoring and protecting the skin barrier, even in the harshest conditions. Just a dab of this glycerin-rich formula relieves and protects dry and chapped hands, leaving them noticeably softer and smoother and providing hydration even through handwashing.

With this the year when we took to our gardens, DIYed and painted around our homes and doubled up on our handwashing, our hands have been put through a whole lot more than ever in 2020. As Neutrogena® Skincare Expert Rebecca Bennett says: “Our hardworking hands are subject to so much wear and tear but very often do not get our attention they deserve until there’s an issue. They are always active, forever exposed to the elements, regularly immersed in water or detergents and this year, washed and sanitized even more frequently than ever. All of this can leave hands dry, sore and even chapped. It’s really important to apply and rich and soothing hand creams before dryness can start to take hold. Ingredients such as glycerin draw moisture into the upper layers of the skin and this helps to hold it there for instantly smoother more comfortable hands.”

Developed by dermatologists, the concentrated, hardworking formula works immediately with just a small amount needed at each use. Each unassuming 50ml tube contains at least 200 applications making it a trusted daily companion that can be popped in your handbag when you are on the go. Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream is the perfect addition to every home or car, or possibly even boat, given the product’s origins. The cream was originally designed for Norwegian Fisherman facing some of the coldest, most extreme weather conditions on earth. For generations Norwegian fisherman have been fishing the ocean in extreme weather and it was under these conditions the fishermen developed a powerfully concentrated glycerin-rich recipe that healed and protected their dry, chapped hands like nothing else.

In 1969 a Norwegian salesman called on Lloyd Cotsen, the president of Neutrogena® to promote the hand healing recipe to the artic fisherman and left him a jar to try. After clearing the factory’s soap vats, Cotsen’s hands were left painfully raw and cracked so he gave the formula a try. He found just a drop of the cream provide immediate relief. Such were the beginnings of this iconic hand cream developed over four decades ago – a Neutrogena hero was born.

Our verdict? We can confirm that this is a wonder-product – we have tried many other hand creams but none lives up to this in terms of not only effectiveness but also on price.  Depending on how bad your hands are, we found it best to apply at night to give maximum time for the magic to happen.  You will see a step-change even after one application but for best results, use it a few nights in a row.  Oh and don’t forget to rub it into your nails too – it really helps them if they are in bad shape too.

Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is available in scented or unscented variants and retails at €4.99 RRP for 50ml. Widely available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.