The best (and worst) of Fashion Week street style!


September is the best month of the year for fashionistas –  it's when brands reveal their looks for the season ahead and upcoming trends are sussed out. The month begins with a week of catwalk shows in New York, followed by London, Milan, and now Paris.

Off the catwalk though, style bloggers and trendsetters are making their own stamp, with some amazing street style looks. Of course, they don't always get it right. Here's our pick of the best and worst outfits we've seen so far…

The ones who got it right…

1. Blue steel
This look is totally accessible and easily copied – we love the loose denim shirt. The cream and blue jeans are a great addition too – a good twist on the double denim look!

2. Summer sun
Just look at that bright yellow skirt! We wonder if this poor girl had to stand over that vent all day so the fabric was always casually billowing. Not sure we'd have that level of commitment, but we love the outfit!

3. Pinstripe perfect
This is a great smart-casual look, with some relaxed touches like a half-tucked shirt and a double cuff on those leather-look jeans. Simple, relaxed, elegant.

4. Monochromatic
We WANT that Comme des Garçons tee! It would look equally stunning with skinny jeans, if you're not in the mood to wear a giant leather skirt!

And the ones who got it VERY wrong…

1. Bad hair day
This look is baffling from top-to-toe. We understand that anything goes when you're a super slick fashion blogger, but was afro/mohawk combination really necessary?! As for the long gingham shirt… well… no.

2. Short shorts
Ah yes, I'll just team this bath mat/see-through jumper with my dad's swimming trunks, and there we have it… Stunning.

3. TMI
We love a good backless dress or top, but this is just a bit too much sideboob for comfort!

4. That Seventies Show
Wait… are flares a thing now? Does this mean we have to root out the pair we wore on non-uniform day in sixth class? Please god, no.