The 5 guys we inevitably fall in love with

There is always at least one of these guys that we can’t help but fall in love with.

1. The one who won’t love you back
No matter what you try this will end in heartbreak. When you finally break up, people will tell you everything will be OK and that it couldn’t have been that serious because they spotted your former partner out last weekend and they never seemed happier.

tumblr_ldqtrdHaZ01qablhto1_5002. The one you follow
Career, college, another country. Whichever it is at some stage you are going to follow someone somewhere or someone will follow you. It shows that no relationship is completely even and that sacrifices have to be made.

love forever until we die gif3. The one you stop loving for no reason.
It happens. You may not be able to put your finger on it for a long, long time but love just one day packed up and jumped ship. Explaining this one is probably the most heart breaking for the other person involved because they will want an explanation and even the over used “it’s not you, it’s me,” isn’t enough.

71585194. The one who has no self love
It’s like falling in love with a stone. It’s different to the first point of someone who won’t love you back though in that they just don’t feel anything for you. The one with no self love doesn’t feel anything for anyone shouldn’t be in a relationship in the first place. Although it could be a case that you’ve fallen in love with them from a distance and their whole moodiness and “goth like” actions were what sparked your interest in the first place. Just stay away…at least until you see them smile!

rupaul-love-yourself5. The person who proves you wrong
You said you’d never fall in love again. You’re too busy or you’re just out of a long term relationship, then BOOM. This person comes along to change you perception of what love is. They have the positive side to all the negatives in this article. They love themselves, and not in a vain way. They make you feel like a better person and see all the good in you. Even better the see all your flaws and they understand every one of them.


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