The 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert just dropped and people’s opinions are…divided

(via The Mirror)

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! John Lewis dropped their 2021 Christmas advert yesterday as a little pre-Christmas treat for customers!

Every year, the build up to Christmas begins with several key cultural moments:

1. Mariah Carey dropping her ‘It’s time’ video at midnight on Halloween night

2. Simultaneously loving and hating seeing Christmas decorations in shops way to early

3. And seeing the John Lewis ad for the first time

And this year is no different, with John Lewis releasing their signature heart breaker advert early this November to get us all into the Christmas mindset! They’ve had some absolute tear jerkers over the years, from the old man on the moon with the telescope to Mr Snowman’s journey to get a gift for his wife to the iconic Bear and the Hare ad – but this year’s ad has left some viewers a little underwhelmed.

The ad sees a young boy witness a spaceship crash landing and teaching a extra-terrestrial being about Christmas traditions. As the two connect over mince pies, Christmas jumpers and tree lights, a slowed down acoustic version of ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ plays in the background, a cover of the 1984 classic.

Entitled ‘Unexpected Guess’, many have labelled the ad formulaic, saying the creativity is gone from the ad and that its just ticking the box these days to provide something bittersweet and tear-jerky. Others on social media however claim they were moved to tears and that ‘Christmas has really started now’.

Nathan, the young boy, and Skye, the extra-terrestrial, are all about unexpected friendships and worlds-colliding. Some interpret the ad as a reflection of our last couple of years of isolation an how this Christmas will be all about re-learning how to do Christmas properly again, which is why Skye is introduced to all these Christmas novelties. Others speculate it’s about reuniting with loved ones who may not have made it home last Christmas and celebrating Christmas with those far away again.

Regardless of what the meaning is, what do you think of the iconic John Lewis ad this year? Is it a hit or a miss?