Taylor Swift went full-on Superwoman and we love it!


We're used to seeing Taylor Swift look relaxed and pretty in her shoots, but we have to say, she does Beyoncé-esque fierceness fairly well, too!

The singer graces the cover of next's months issue of ASOS magazine, striking a powerful pose in a silver crop top and skirt combo.

Look at those guns!

The spread is titled, "How To Be a Supergirl, by Taylor Swift," and given that the star has just been named Billboard's Woman of 2014, we're more than happy to look to her for some tips.

In true Supergirl style, the Shake It Off singer discusses her desire to work hard to prove herself to those around her. "When you reach a certain level of success, which you inevitably will in your life if you work hard, people become OK with anything you create. Only you will be the one who pushes you and decides what the next level will be," she says.

She also dishes on her much-publicised friendships with the likes of Lorde, Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham. "My friends are the kind of people who have their own lives and their own busy schedules, and that’s why we get along so well," she tells the magazine.

"A lot of 'celebrities' surround themselves with chic cling-ons who don’t have much of a job or a passion. They follow around their celebrity BFF and provide constant affirmation for them. I’m really not interested in that kind of deal."

Sounds like solid advice to us! Thanks SuperTaylor!