The gorgeous Katy Perry dished the details of her workout regime during a recent interview.

What’s your favourite workout and what does your typical exercise routine look like? do you work out with a trainer or take fitness classes? how do you get fit fast?
When I can, I prefer to get my exercise outside – hiking or bike riding with friends, or even Soul Cycle. When I have to go to the gym, I use a trainer. He has me start with a 5-minute run/walk, then a 10-minute warm-up, then we’ll go into 2-3 full-body exercises with weights, then 3-4 muscle group-specific exercises (shoulders, abs, legs). He has me constantly moving. After all these exercises, we’ll end with cardio.

What motivates you to workout and how do you stay confident? what do you love and hate about working out?
I need to work out to keep my stamina up for singing and dancing at my shows. I love feeling stronger and clearer-minded after a workout, but I HATE mornings.

What songs do you listen to when working out? what’s been inspiring your most recent songs?
I usually take that time to listen to the new records coming out. Lately, I’ve been listening to Drake, Lorde, Sky Ferreira and HAIM. The songs on PRISM are inspired by self-reflection.

What are your favourite post workout snacks (food and drinks)? what’s your indulgence and how do you stop junk food craving?
After a good workout, I reach for barbecue popchips when I want a salty snack. Hydrating is incredibly important, that’s why I prefer water over sugary sports drinks. My junk food cravings hit me in the form of chicken nuggets with a variety of dipping sauces. I curb my fast food attacks by having constant costume fittings