We all know the feeling: we have a big, hearty, healthy breakfast, only to be running to the supermarket within 90minutes as our stomachs rumble well before lunch-time. 

What gives you ask? Well, the food that we usually eat when we're busy, stressed or even just plain hungry are to blame.

The highly processed, high-carb foods we turn to make our insulin levels spike, causing our blood sugars to crash which eventually makes us hungry all over again.

These foods are often stored as fat rather than used for fuel, but as we all know the usual culprits (fruit juice, white bread, fizzy drinks), there are a few surprising healthy players in the game also. 

So here's a list of all the healthy food that actually makes us more hungry. 


Whole-grain bread

Think that 100 percent whole-grain bread with crunchy peanut butter is going to keep you satisfied until lunch? No chance. Any type of bread, even the whole-grain kind, has extremely high glucose levels and will elevate your blood sugar more than a Snickers bar. Yep… you thought it was doing you good but it lied. 


Dry cereal

Even if it's a big bowl of hearty grains, cereal doesn't have a very high water content so it's not going to fill you up for very long. Just think about holding a full bow of cereal, it's very light… and the same is going into your stomach. 


Green smoothies

There's no denying that a green smoothie is healthy for you: it's full of the likes of leafy greens, fruit and almond milk, after all. But if you want to stay fuller for longer, drinking your calories isn't going to do much good for you. Our bodies don't initially register that were consuming sustenance in liquid form which results in you eating more calories throughout the day. 



Pretzels first came on the scene during the low-fat craze of the Eighties and Nineties. Fat-free pretzels sounded like a good idea but it's not so: they are full of refined white flour and purely processed. It will stock your blood stream with a load of glucose which is going to make you hungry soon after eating. 



It's really difficult to feel full while eating sushi because it feels light and it's so easy to just keep popping a bite-sized piece into your mouth. And they can be packed full of calories too. So instead of eating a load of them in just one serving, fill up on miso soup or a salad beforehand. Your tummy will thank you. 


Frozen yoghurt

While this might be a nice treat for after a meal, it is not going to keep you full. Sugar is simply empty calories and like before, with the glucose filling your system, you tummy will be rumbling soon after. If you really need to have some (because let's be real now) try fill it full of healthy oats, grains and fruits to make it last longer.