Here are 10 gentlemanly acts that guys should really bring back into the game – acts that are in no way threatening a woman’s independence, but are gestures that show they care and are part of the old school bro code.

1. Hold doors open for her.


Yes, she can hold her own doors – she has arms and hands. But doing that extra work, no matter how minimal it really is, makes sure that she doesn’t have to. It’s a nice thing to do. Strain yourself and expend your energy so that she doesn’t have to.

2. Offer to pay on the first date.

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The fact is that many of us, if not most, live on a very tight budget. It’s often not possible to cover the whole bill because that’ll mean you won’t make rent, depending on where you are. If she likes you for the right reasons then she won’t think twice about going halfsies. However, if you can afford it then a gentleman should at least attempt to pay the tab. If she offers to split it with you even after you offer to pay for it, then thank her, but tell her that she can cover the tab next time. This almost guarantees a second date and leaves you looking like a gentleman.

3. Don’t try to get into her pants on the first date.


This one is a hard one – I know. But getting into the sack too early on can kill any chance of a loving relationship. Why? Because there is no build up of sexual tension or excitement.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize and only the prize (not that she’s an object, but you get the idea).


Keep your eyes away from other women. She may know that you want to sleep with every beautiful woman in the world, but she would like to know that you have enough self-control to pay attention to her and just her. If you can’t keep your eyes to yourself then, chances are, you can’t keep your hands to yourself either. Not the way a gent would act.

5. Help her with her coat.


Again, she can do it herself but that doesn’t mean that she should have to. Why would you help her put her coat on? A better question would be: why not? Putting a coat on can sometimes be tricky – save her the embarrassment and the time and help her put it on. To add a cherry on top: It gives you an excuse to get close to her and see if there really is physical chemistry.

6. Make sure she gets home safe.


You had a great date. Now go and get her a taxi. Don’t expect her to get one herself. They can be difficult to catch and, believe it or not, the darker it gets, the more dangerous it gets – especially for women. This isn’t us being a sexist. We are being realistic. Make sure she either gets home safely or gets to her transportation safely. If you don’t take her home, then ask her to, at the very least, text you when she gets home safe. Little things like this go a long way.

7. Follow up with her the next morning.


If you like her and she likes you, then she won’t mind you contacting her the next day and telling her that you had a great time. In fact, it’s likely to put a smile on her face and that is the only thing you need to worry about. Don’t hound her or push for another date right away – it’s a turn off – but let her know that you definitely would want to see her again. Following up the next morning does just that.

8. Flowers go a long way.


Buying a girl flowers on the first date is a bit cheesy. However, if you’ve been dating someone for a while, then buy her flowers from time to time. It can be on date night. It can be on a Monday, just because. If she doesn’t like flowers then find something else that you can give her that will make her feel special. Go out of your way to make her happy – because that’s what gentlemen do.

9. Make ‘Hanging Out’ special.


Enjoy your time with her and create special and wonderful memories with her. Remember foreplay, not just the sexual kind, goes a long way.

10. Buy her things just because you want to.


If you can afford to spend money on your woman, then spend money on her. Why? Because it’s one of the best investments you can make. If you really do love her, then give her the things that she secretly wants. Buy her things and really they can just be little things, like a bar of chocolate, and you’ll make her day a bit better.

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