An Irish student has taken it upon herself to fight the myth that healthier people weigh less, by sharing a before-and-after photo documenting her two stone weight gain.

Originally from Co. Clare, Amie Wiley weighed 8st 9lbs in 2013. In order to maintain her slim figure, she followed a strict, low calorie diet, eating minimal carbs and just a small amount of protein.

Now, at 18-years-old, Amie weighs in at 10st 9lbs thanks to her new diet of protein, carbs and unsaturated fats.


Happy #transformationtuesday my loves when I told you that I used to be so skinny with matchsticks legs I was not lying I genuinely used to be so skinny it was crazy  so here's my 4 year transformation. From skinny to strong #gainingweightiscool I couldn't be happier with how I currently am looking and I much prefer stronger Amie to skinny Amie also can we appreciate the over filtered before picture back in the bebo stunnah days when filters were very very overused anyways I shall leave this here! Picture 1: a skinny Amie who over did it on the cardio and ate very little VS Picture 2: a stronger Amie with much more muscle, who lifts weights and that eats much more food! (Carbs have my heart) HAVE A GREAT EVENING ALL

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According to MailOnline, the fitness fanatic works out five days a week, focussing on a separate part of her body during each session.

Now living in London, Amie has documented her transformation on Instagram, where she has over 10,000 followers.


"Weights will make you bulky" girl it's been nearly 3 years now and this is all the damage that's been done 

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Happy #transformationtuesday  the picture on the left was taken in January and the one on the right was taken today in June!  I'm so happy with how far I've come since then the one thing I have learned is that it's all in the mind what a person can do and without having the mindset to get myself back to a weight I'm happy with and to get a healthy lifestyle back I wouldn't look the way I do today (I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the way I looked in January, i just personally didn't like the way I looked and now i feel so much happier and confident in my body than I did back then) Also I now fuel my body with much healthier foods and it makes me feel so much better aswell! I really let myself go starting college and I'm now happy to say that since then I'm in the best shape I have ever been in!! My legs are more defined, my waist is much smaller, my body fat is so much lower and the best part… I couldn't be happier exercise and a healthy lifestyle is so amazing and I'm so happy that I adore every bit of it  happy Tuesdayyyyy everyone 

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Deciding to ditch the exhausting cardio sessions and instead focus on weight training, Amie reveals that how the change has helped her not only physically, but mentally as well. 

“Back in 2015 I decided to make the transition from cardio to weights."

“I just loved the idea of being toned and leaner and not just being a skinny girl who would just go to the gym to run on the treadmill or go on the cross trainer for hours.”

"Personally, I enjoy weights much more than cardio. You don't just benefit physically from weights but you benefit mentally as well."


It wouldn't be a Tuesday without a #transformationtuesday  This picture marks 2 transformations for me and Im hella gonna talk about them right now: Number 1) when I first started off the gym I was a cardio bunny, I literally went there and ran. I would literally run on the treadmill for hours and leave how I did it? I have no idea but that is what I did, don't get me wrong at the time I loved it but if i was asked to do that today lol dat would so NOT happen  I started weight lifting about 2.5 years ago and I've never looked back since  I LOVE weight lifting  it is the one major thing I look forward to every day and to be able to say that is super duper unreal because exercise and weight lifting is sooo good 4 u !! Yay @ endorphins  I used to be super skinny (hello pancake bum)and since starting weight lifting I am much more defined and happier, so yay! the gym makes me so happy and I would be lost without it, mad to say- i know!  but it's so true! -Not gonna lie it was super daunting at first heading into the branded "lads weights area" but once you've done it you've done it do it once and you will do it again! Which leads me onto my second point soooo… – 2) two weeks ago I posted a glute progression picture on this account (FOR MYSELF) and knowing from where I'm from- a small town, I knew It was inevitable that I would get some sort of comments made about it, which happened. Before posting that picture I stared at my phone screen for ages contemplating whether I should post it or not and after a while- I did! And right now I can just say that I am so happy and proud of myself that I did because now I do not give a fuck (pardon my french) what others think of me nor am I afraid of gossiping etc I never did care about this sort of thing, I'm such an easy going person but for some reason that just got to me, but out of it I've realised how many people actually support me and what I'm doing and it made me S O happy  – Everything I do I am doing for myself(with the added bonus of helping others along the way). I will continue to transform myself physically and mentally with thanks to the gym and I am so grateful!  u do u 

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She added, "Usually girls would shy away from using weights in fear of getting 'too big' or 'too bulky' but that cannot be further from the truth." 

"Weights make me feel strong and confident much more than cardio ever did."

Speaking to MailOnline, Amie had some words of wisdom for anyone looking to start their own fitness journey. 

"Everyone that goes to the gym is there to better themselves so don't be afraid and just go do it."