Ah, Disney movies.

We watched them all as kids, and honestly, most of the videos are probably lying in the back of your parent's attic.

beauty and the beast

If you thiiiink they might be sitting in a box somewhere, root them out because they could be worth a good bit of money.

Pretty52 did a little research on Ebay recently and found out that Disney VHS tapes are being sold for hundreds, if not thousands of Euro.


A copy of Beauty and the Beast went for £4035 (€4786). It probably sold for so much because it was never opened – the tape is still on the side of the box.

And an untouched Cinderella? That went for £3632 (€4309).

fox and the hound

However, if you have opened your VHS tape (honestly, what were people doing not opening them?) fear not, because you could make some serious bank too.

A Fox and the Hound tape went for £363 (€430), while The Little Mermaid sold for £403 (€479).

little mermaid

If that's not enough to convince you, imagine all the make-up and clothes you could buy with that money?!

BRB, just ransacking our old bedrooms.

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