Trying to keep healthy is not easy, especially with all of the temptations out there. But thankfully, there are few snacking hacks that will make life a little easier when it comes to healthy eating.

Studies have shown that mid-morning snackers tend to snack more throughout the day than afternoon snackers, which is not much help to weight loss efforts. So it’s probably best to fill up on a big breakfast, instead of snacking our way till lunch.

Colour code your snacks
Sounds strange but it actually works. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University tested students with a bowl of uniform yellow chips, while another group had their regular snack layered with differently coloured chips. Students who had their snacks colour coded ate 50 % less, than those with a uniform bowl.

Muscle foods
High protein snacks are the perfect snack when it comes to weight loss. Why? It’s all about burning those calories! Apparently it takes more energy to burn protein snacks, than it does with carbs and fats, and as a result of this you will feel fuller for longer.

Smaller bowls
Simple but effective. Having a smaller bowl can make all the difference when it comes to munching on our snacks.