Your next road trip around the country is about to get an awful lot more delicious.

Topaz has announced that it will be bringing Rockets by Eddie Rockets to petrol stations around the country.

Oh yes, 40 forecourts nationwide will now feature one of our favourite fast food restaurants. The little sister of Eddie Rockets is going to be popping up at garages around the country over the next year.

Douglas in Co. Cork was the first location to include the burger joint. We’re only a little bit jealous.

Garages at Dublin Port and Brennanstown in Co. Wicklow will be serving some of the takeaway’s most famous dishes by the end of the year.

A further 15 Rockets are expected to open in 2016 and Topaz promise the "most innovative forecourt dining experience in Ireland" to their customers.

The chain is famous for their impressive array of burger choices (the M50 burger is seeming very fitting at this point), and customers are assured that their food will continue to be made fresh on site.

Attempting to eat a giant chicken fillet burger while navigating the M7 on Friday evening could prove to be treacherous indeed, so we are hoping that there might some on-site dining available.

There are promises of “unique and portable” salads, hotdogs, tenders and milkshakes.

This should be interesting indeed, and just when we thought Barack Obama Plaza had reached peak forecourt levels. Amazing.