She's taken her blog to the next level in Ireland, and now Pippa O Connor is hoping to take her food to the next level in The Restaurant.

The model is going to take part in the next series of the show, and will show her cooking skills that was passed on from her late mother.

Her mam, Louise Mullen, who passed away in 2014, was a Cordon Bleu-trained chef and no doubt Pippa will pull some inspiration from her for her menu.

“Pippa was in filming with us for the new season of the show and she was great,” said The Restaurant's pastry chef, Louise Lennox.

“Her mum was a chef, so I think it meant a lot to her as her mum used to teach her to cook. I was surprised at how much food knowledge she had,” she told the Herald.

All of the celebrities that will be on the next series of the show have not been named yet, but the pregnant model and former Irish soccer star Kevin Kilbane have been confirmed.