For some time now we have been told that excessive sugary drinks can cause some serious health problems for us.

If you ever needed some motivation for cutting fizzy drinks out of your life entirely, then you need to see this latest infographic. The Renegade Pharmacist website has revealed your body’s reaction for an hour after you take your first sugar filled sip.

The former UK-based pharmacist included a seven stop breakdown in a blog post.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Niraj Naik said when he worked as a community pharmacist he had great success helping people get off long –term medication for blood pressure and diabetes.

“I created my own system to help my patients where I would write little shopping lists for people based on their conditions. My first advice to them would be to do a simple swap, replacing fizzy drinks with water with fresh lemon or lime juice.”

His attempt to tackle people consuming too much sugar easily explains how damaging excess sugar is and how we often don’t even realise the damaging effects.

He explains in the first 10 minutes you consume 100% of your recommended daily sugar intake but “don’t immediately vomit” because they have added “phosphoric acid” that cuts down the flavour so you don’t notice.

After 45 minutes, the effects of sugar on your brain are something similar to how heroin works according to Mr Naik.

Well, we might just be reconsidering what we choose as a Friday treat from now on.