Bobbi Kristina’s family have been banned from visiting her following reports that photos of her in a coma were taken and attempted to be sold by a member of her family.

According to reports, security guards at the hospice where Bobbi Kristina is being treated have concrete evidence that it was a member of Bobby Brown’s family that took the photos.

Sources close to the situation told TMZ that the hospice informed the family of Whitney Houston that there was incriminating evidence against the Brown family.

This, however, does not include Bobby Brown himself. Bobbi Kristina’s father has announced that he is committed to finding the person responsible for taking the photograph.

The pictures of Bobbi Kristina in a coma have been offered to a number of high profile media outlets. TMZ confirmed that they were offered the photos as did ET who revealed that the photos have an asking price of approximately €90,000.

Bobbi’s partner Nick Gordon is yet to visit her since she went into a coma in January. Reports have suggested that he has also been banned from visiting his girlfriend as Bobbi’s family claim that he was abusive towards her.