For sale: shocking death-bed photograph of Bobbi Kristina


Last week, it was announced that Bobbi Kristina Brown would be moved from hospital into hospice care as her health has sadly continued to worsen. 

It has been reported that the 22-year-old is now off life support and is no longer being administered medication to help keep her alive.

However, it has now emerged that someone has taken a recent picture of the young woman, who is believed to be dying, and is currently trying to sell it to major US-based websites. 

TMZ has now revealed that it was approached with the image, but that they declined to purchase it.

The website said: "The photo was shopped to us… we passed. The pic is being shopped to a multitude of magazines and websites, and we're told there's interest."

The photo in question was taken earlier this week at the hospice facility near Atlanta where the daughter of Whitney Houston is staying. In the picture there is a woman, believed to be a family member, leaning over Bobbi Kristina.

TMZ reported that the person who took this photo is an "extended family member".

Bobbi Kristina has not regained consciousness since she was discovered face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of January.