Sometimes, the Afternoon Slump is totally unbeatable, no matter how long you slept or how many cups of coffee you had.

Usually stopping by at around 3pm, it feels like a dark cloud is surrounding your head and it becomes *really* hard to function as a normal, working human being.

Well, as it turns out the dreaded slump isn't just all in our heads and it's a real, scientifically proven thing.

Francesca Bennet, health and wellbeing programme manager at AXA PPP Healthcare told Cosmo: "If you're lacking in energy and motivation in the afternoon, don't worry, you're not on your own. 

"Sleep is dictated by circadian rhythms also known as The Body Clock.

"The urge to sleep increases towards 2pm, this is driven by a natural dip in circadian alerting system and an increase in sleep homeostasis drive."

So basically, it's like a see-saw; when your alertness drops, your need for sleep increases.

"It occurs approximately 12 hours after we are in our deepest sleep at 2-3am.

"The Afternoon Slump is a normal feeling and has previously been associated with eating a big meal. This is not the direct cause, but may act as a contributing lifestyle factor on the sleep wake cycle.

"Poor lifestyle habits and insufficient quality and quantity of sleep can increase the feelings of tiredness and the Afternoon Slump," she added.