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A new documentary is set to air on RTE Radio One, which recants all of the historic details of forty years of underage disco, Wezz. 

Whether you deem it famous or infamous, the disco at the Old Wesley Rugby Club in Donnybrook, Dublin became a cult pastime for many young Dubliners. 

Wezz was much like any teenage disco up and down the country, and with the descriptions of makeup disasters, shifting rituals and illicit drinking, we're sure that while this documentary focuses solely on Wezz, it will be relatable for any Irish person who attended an underage disco throughout secondary school. 

Love Letter to Wezz recalls the anecdotes of the discos from the 80s up until its closure in 2015. 

With gems littering the reminiscent documentary like 'the boys wore so much hair gel "you could break a piece off"' and descriptions of the pre GHD days when hair ironing was a necessity, we're already dying to hear the full radio piece.

It includes interviews with attendees from different time frames, and the differences in anecdotes are startling.

From Maniac 2000 montages to the 'drunk room' (we all know the one) the doc seriously takes us back.

The documentary will air on RTE Radio One at 1pm today, or you can listen to it here.


A teenage disco was a wondrous thing.

We all lived for them; probably because they were the only thing on our social event calendar, but you could be sure that everyone would attend. 

Your frenemie, your camogie team, your next door neighbour, your crew, and of course, that lad you fancied.

It was a simple time when we all wore babydoll dresses and begged our mammies to drop us down the road from the local GAA.

And you could be sure that one mate would get langers by drinking a measly sip of Fat Frog, amirite?

The 2 Johnnies perfectly depicted all of this in their new video, and yes, they totally nailed it.

Has anything really changed?!