Narcos was one of them TV shows that you randomly started watching while bored one day on in Netflix. And then after binge-watching and being sucked into the show, it felt like there was a giant Narcos-sized hole left behind when it ended.

We've been there, but particularly with this series that gripped you from the very beginning.

Well, Hallelujah girls, because the season two teaser trailer has just landed, and even though it doesn't tell you much about the story (like nothing, at all), it does tell you when it's coming back to a Netflix screen near you.

In the video, you'll see Pablo Escobar looking very intense while staring down into the camera. Then three important dates pop up on the screen: 1/12/49 (the day he was born), 2/12/93 (the day he died) and 2/9/2016 (the day the series is coming back).

Have a look at the teaser here: