Collecting things is fun, they can look good and it’s a way of making memories. These items will make your home cute and kitsch.

1. Books
Books entice everybody – guests will love scanning your shelves and seeing what you like to read. There are so many great ways to put your books on display, you’ll easily find one to suit your home.

2. Teapots
Teapots are homely and there are so many beautiful ones out there. Put them on display or even out in the garden with flowers in them.

3. Seashells
Collect seashells from every beach you go to. When you have enough, you can create a framed display with the name of the beach underneath. Perfect for the bathroom.

4. Clocks
Clocks come in so many shapes and sizes, hang them on a wall for a unique presentation. They will have to be for aesthetics only though, unless you want to go crazy from all the ticking!

5. Teacups
Teacups are always cute and give a soft, feminine touch to your home. Collect them in all colours and patterns for a shabby-chic feel. Use them as quirky pots for small plants for your windowsills.