We've all experienced that unfortunate moment where a personal hygiene product has irritated our skin or gotten in our eyes, leading us to belive we will be left with a perpetual ailment in a moment of showering melodrama.

One girl had a similar experience when using a particular brand of Mint and Tea Tree shower gel, and took to Facebook to share her story after the tingly gel set her 'vagina ablaze.'  

The hilarious but unfortunate story has been shared more than 138,000 times on the social media site, with the comments section playing host to some very comical and similar incidents. 

'I took the Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel and began to work it into a lather. I applied it to first one leg, then the other, and shaved them diligently. (Yes, feel free to be impressed at my commitment to body defoliation at 6.45am on a Wednesday morning. I was too.) So far, so good,' she began the post. 

'I washed my arms and shaved underneath them. I washed my neck, breasts, stomach and back. Thus far, it had been a positively first class bathing experience.'

'And then. AND THEN. Oh. Dear. God. MY VAGINA WAS ABLAZE.'

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'For a moment, I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. Had I repeated the never to be forgotten error when I managed to apply hair removal cream which was strictly not for front bottoms to my front bottom? Had a stray spark inadvertently set light to my pubic thatch?'


'Yes, your innocuous looking green bottle of so called shower gel, it turns out, is an absolute f****** liability. MY FLAPS WERE ON F****** FIRE. I had a quick look at the ingredients list to see if it contained gasoline. It did not.'

'There was a warning though. ‘KEEP AWAY FROM EYES.’ Keep away from eyes? KEEP AWAY FROM EYES? Frankly, my eyes were the least of my problems right now.'

'I frantically scrubbed my flaps, which by now felt as though they were being ceremoniously scrubbed by ants wearing ice skates laced with chilli sauce,' she continued (we're obsessed with this woman's turn of phrase).

'Some twelve hours later, my front bottom has finally calmed down, though may well be suffering from as yet unconfirmed PTSD. My eyes have eventually stopped watering.'

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'May I suggest a rebranding of the front of your bottles of Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel? Something along the lines of the following: 7,927 tingling leaves which will accost your genitalia until it screams for mercy.’

'If nothing else, it will certainly stand out on the shelf.'

'Anyway, thanks for brightening up my morning. And my front bottom, which has never been so lively.'

We're crying, bit with laughter and with the thought of the sensation.