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Poppy Delevingne threw the mother of all don't-you-know-who-I-am tantrums when she was refused entry to a VIP area at the British Fashion Awards in London last week… because the bouncers clearly didn't know who she was. 

The big sister to model/actress of the moment, Cara Delevingne was at St Martin’s Lane Hotel’s Asia de Cuba bar and a bouncer presumably said: "If your name’s not Cara Delevingne you’re not coming in."

The model was with actress Kate Bosworth at the time and and one point she was heard saying, "This is b******t and you’re going to lose your job tomorrow. Congratulations." Harsh Pop!

Kate was then seen urging her friend to "get the f**k out of here," and the pair left in a rather grumpy mood. Eek!

Lesson learned: Don't get on the wrong side of Poppy! 



Ronan Keating got a little upset when being slagged off on the Kyle and Jackie O show and stormed out.

Things get a little personal and he gets called a “boyband dancing clown”. Watch it right up to the end – it gets even better!

Keating is getting ready to hit the big screen, with this début feature film featuring at this year’s Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

Mark Lamprell’s Goddess is a musical based on a one-woman show by Joanna Weinberg, which has a lot of laughs, as well as a great soundtrack.

Ronan will play the part of James in the film, a whale-saving activist with an unfulfilled wife stuck at home.