It’s a universal truth that if you happen to be a tall woman you will spend more time than you ever thought possible explaining your height to people.

It becomes such a normal part of your routine you actually have stock answers for the myriad of remarks made to you on a daily basis.

You could have the ‘Yeah, I’m fairly tall, alright’ conversation in your sleep, but why would you? Sleep is where we don’t talk about height.

If you’re a taller-than-average gal, then chances are more than one of these may ring true.

1. The introduction of skinny jeans revolutionised your wardrobe because they were actually meant to stop around your ankles.

Remember in our teens when bootcut were the only option? Tough times.

2. You are told on a daily basis that you are tall. It’s like people are scared you might not know.

Take it from us, we’re aware.

3. You are constantly asked to get stuff from the top shelf because you are essentially a human ladder, so deal with it.

Nah, I've nothing better to do.

4. Your boyfriend’s height will be brought into question after your own height has been sufficiently addressed.

He’s over six foot and yes, being able to wear heels is the sole reason I’m dating him. Isn’t that all every girl wants?

5. Your father’s height will be addressed once they’ve decided you weren’t spawned by mutant giraffes.

My father is a human.

6. Your mother’s appearance will then be brought in to question.

My mother is also a human.

7. You rarely get to flaunt your bangin’ outfit in a group photo because you’re always at the back of the shot like some kind of patriarchal Mafioso.

Tell them my dress was to-die-for, promise?

8. Playsuits are out of the question because the body is always too short and basically designed to cut a tall girl in half.

Woah, this is not comfortable.

9. You tend to have larger-than-average feet which makes shoe shopping very awkward.

“Can I get these in a five…and a nine if you’ve any going spare. Actually, forget the five. Just the nine.”

10. You will be told on a daily basis that your height is something to be so, so proud of.

We’d believe you – no really we would –  if you hadn’t spent the last five minutes making us account for why we look like we do.

Now, let’s really get down to business here.

You’ve a pot belly. Does your wife have a pot belly too? I bet your father had some pot belly, did he?