While we haven’t made it to ‘bare-leg’ season just yet (and who’s to say we ever will?), there are few among us who haven’t – at some point – experienced the dreaded strawberry leg after deciding to showcase our pins in warm weather.

Dubbed the ‘strawberry leg’ due to its resemblance to the fruit, the skin on our legs can develop small red dots after a waxing or shaving session, but not many of us know exactly why.

Well, wonder no more, ladies.

According to those in the know, the pores on our legs widen and fill with oil during hair removal which attracts bacteria and dead skin cells.

When they begin to oxidise, the pores turn a darker colour and before we know it, we’re sporting a pair of ‘strawberry legs’.

Speaking to Byrdie, makeup artist, Carly Hobbs, insists that there is one handy hint which will always help conceal this.

“You can banish the appearance of pesky pores on your legs by firstly giving them a rinse with cold water – the chill factor encourages them to close.”

Duly noted, Carly.