Whether or not you think horoscopes are a load of old nonsense or not, there's no denying that at this time of the year we all need an extra push to get back in the swing of things when it comes to exercise.

And if you've spent the last 12 months slogging it out in a Spin class and badly needed to switch up your routine in 2017, why not let the astrologers offer some guidance on this one?!

Every starsign has notable quirks and characteristics, and there's nothing to say that you can't leverage these qualities in order to get the best out of your exercise session, right?!


Those whose birthdays fall between March 21 and April 19 are known for their competitive nature, so why not put that to the test in a fitness arena?

Sign up for Spin class where you can note your progress at each session or take up a team sport where you really get to channel your inner competitor.


As a naturally sociable person, solo work-out sessions just don't do it for you.

Allow your bubbly nature to take centre stage in class sessions like Zumba or Pump!


A fan of the great outdoors, pursuits which take place outside of a sweaty gym studio were made for you.

Biking, hiking and climbing have you written all over it.



If you were born between April 20 and May 20, chances are you're not overly competitive nor do you find overly intense workout sessions particularly appealing.

Take this into account by participating in Barre or yoga classes where you can get your sweat on without feeing like you're under major pressure.


Organised and meticulous, Virgos stay motivated by keeping track of their progress – something which can be done with the help of certain apps.

And with so many exercise apps on the go right now, Virgos do best working independently and monitoring their progress with the help of a little technology.


As an ambitious individual, it's important for Capricorns, like Virgos, to able to monitor and track their progress.

Capricorns often prefer working out alone, and running or jogging is considered one of the most suitable workouts for those whose birthdays fall in December and January.



Geminis dislike routine so it's vital you switch up your exercises sessions as often as possible to avoid becoming disinterested.

Alternate cardio sessions with pure weightlifting classes and be adventurous when it comes to the types of classes you take. Bikram yoga? Yes. Zumba? Yes. TRX? Yes, yes, yes.


Like Leos, Librans are very social creatures and thrive in settings which involve other people.

With this in mind, Librans would be advised to take part in group exercise sessions when working out – whether that's with a buddy or in a formal gym class setting.


Often bored by a conventional approach to certain tasks, Aquarians would benefit from martial arts classes which helps to train body and mind simultaneously.

Disciplined and dependable, Aquarians are the perfect student when it comes to this form of exercise.




Considered a particularly emotional and sensitive sign, Cancerians benefit from classes which nurture their mind, body and spirit.

Swimming, yoga and Pilates are worth checking out if your birthday falls in May or June.


Known for being fearless and intense, extreme sports often suit Scorpians down to the ground.

Think Bootcamp and Tough Mudder pursuits and you'll be away in a hack!


As a water sign it's no surprise that Pisceans often do best in water-based activities.

But as a social soul, swimming lengths alone may not be your thing, so think aqua aerobics for this one.