Have you ever been so unfortunate as to see a a pair of love birds absolutely eating the faces off one another in public?

If you were in close proximity to this act and monitoring it, David Attenborough style, then you may have noticed that if the lady in question is wearing bright lipstick, a good shift can often leave her previously perfect lippie in disarray.

Shifters of the world, rejoice, as now the "snogged lip" look is en vogue. 


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Looking like a hot mess is officially in style. Well, according to Preen by Thornton Bregazzi anyway.

The designer duo sent models down the runway looking like they'd just stepped out of Coppers on a Friday night. 

Every girl knows that shifting in lipstick is not an ideal situation as the reapplication process can be a b****, but this trend is saying "let your lips be" by mimicking the results of a feverish kissing session.

While we'd usually be into any look that meant we could be more low-maintenance than ever, there is something about those messy edges that reminds us of the kind of painful, chapped lips that arrive during a bad flu.

We might give this trend a pass. Unless it happens accidentally, of course.