If fashionable Crocs weren't bad enough, there's now a new invention – The Slanket, "the original blanket with sleeves."

We're all for comfort when it comes to fashion, but when you're practically wearing your childhood blankie out of the house, we think it might be a step too far.

A Cosmopolitan writer said that it's a "fierce fashion statement waiting to happen," but it's not. It's just not. It's a blanket FFS!

We get that when the days are cold freezing, and you just want to stay in bed, this slanket might seem like the greatest idea on earth… but a fashion statement?!

In the video Cosmo posted, Charles Manning, the stylist and writer, is seen styling the girls in their blankets, turning it from a fluffy piece of fabric to a skirt or a dress. And while his skills in jazzing something up are excellent, wearing a blanket outside of the house just doesn't sit right with us.

No matter how you try to dress it up, it's still going to look like you just pulled it off your bed and wrapped it around yourself last minute – especially the polka dot one.

It's a… nice idea, but not for us. Sorry slanket, we just ain't buying it.


Images: Cosmopolitan