Whenever Siva Kaneswaran from The Wanted tries to do a good deed, it never seems to go well.

Back in April, he and his band mate Jay McGuiness were attacked by a homeless guy with a knife when they tried to give him money. And now? He’s been punched in the face after trying to save a woman who was being attacked by her boyfriend!

The Irish singer was walking around New York City last month with his rep, when he saw the woman being attacked, and without a hint of hesitation, he ran over to break up the fight!

Apparently, Siva told the guy to chill out, only to be told: “This isn’t about you!” So instead, he tried to hold him off, and got a black eye in the process. Thankfully though, the woman managed to escape while Siva was holding her boyfriend down. The attacker then fled the scene as well.

He told reporters: "I am no hero, I just wanted to prevent her from being hit."

A hero AND modest? Well, he’s almost too good to be true! Siva is hoping the woman will contact him so that he knows she’s ok. Here’s hoping his act of bravery made a difference!