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In the wake of last week's attack in Manchester, which saw a bomb go off at one of the city’s largest concert venues, Dublin’s 3Arena have announced updated security policies.

The new policies will be enforced at tonight’s Shawn Mendes show, and presumably for all events in the foreseeable future.

The updated regulations are as follows:

  • Backpacks, larger purses or bags are not allowed; only purses or clutches measuring 4.5in/11.4cm x 6.5in/16.51cm or smaller will be allowed.

  • A full body pat down search and/or metal detector search will take place prior to venue entry.

  • Pocket contents will need to be completely emptied and viewed during the search process.

  • Patrons should minimise jackets and additional layers when possible.

Concert-goes can expect hour-long queues as a result of the new security measures, however, the venue has promised to do their utmost to make sure everyone gets into the arena before show time.

Shawn Mendes is scheduled to take to the stage at 8:30pm, however, it’s recommended you arrive as close to 6:30pm as possibly.


Shawn Mendes will take to the 3Arena stage tonight, but not before he enjoys a bit of the Dublin nightlife.

The singer posted a photo of him drinking pints with his crew last night and simply captioned it, "When in Dublin…"

The lads look like they had great banter in the pub they were in, as they all held up their pints of Guinness to smile for the picture.


When in Dublin…

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Shawn will play to a sold out crowd for one night only tonight, however the 3Arena has warned fans to arrive early to the concert.

The arena shared information on its Facebook page last night, saying that there will be "strict security procedures at the venue."

"Due to these security checks it will understandably take longer for customers to gain entry into the venue," it said in a post.

"Please expect to queue for over an hour to get into the venue. We will do our utmost to get everyone into the venue before 8.30pm however please arrive as close to 6.30 as possible."

Don't miss out, ladies!



Even though Shawn Mendes' second album is coming out in only a few weeks, the singer is already thinking ahead to his third album.

But we'll be honest, he has a pretty great reason to be looking that far ahead. And that great reason is Niall Horan.

While speaking to the Daily Star, Shawn opened up about the collaboration:

"I'll definitely be working with Niall very soon. I got a chance to speak to him recently and we are definitely going to write together. 

“I would love to do something for my next record as well as his – we will have to wait and see."

Even though we're going to have to wait a while, we're super excited about this mix of artists.



Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are total #relationshipgoals and we don't even have confirmation that the pair are a couple. 

While they both are insisting that they are still single, rumours have been flying about this handsome pair since last Summer and they have only intensified since then. 

After co-writing and releasing their hit song I Know What You Did Last Summer, this is for sure the cutest non-couple we have ever experienced. 

1) They have a very cute on-stage rapport 

Involving lots of laughing and lots of touching

2) Shawn Mendes described his dream girl…

And she sounded incredibly familiar

"I really like funny girls, girls with a witty sense of humor. If someone is able to catch onto what I’m saying very quickly, I find that very attractive. I really like brunettes… and also, dancers! I have a thing for dancers!"


3) This tweet 

Because calling out your girl on social media is something we can only imagine a boyfriend doing… 

4) When Shawn played this prank on Camila

Though we wouldn't mind waking up in a sea of sandwiches

5) There are too many adorable snaps of them together 

We just need to know 

6) When they're just messing around 

All the goals 

7) This entire video 

And this entire song. So catchy. 

Put us out of our misery guys.