Dawn Foster is a well known professional journalist, who creates content about politics, social affairs and economics for The Guardian. 

She is also a published author, and although she has numerous professional accolades under her belt, one thing is clearly very distracting about her outward appearance.

It's her nails. 

Well, at least according to the unsolicited opinion of one male viewer. 

The journalist received a piece of modern-day hate mail from an unnamed man, who pointed out that her well taken care of nails were an undermining element of her appearance. 

Because your nails speak volumes about you level of professionalism…right? 

Dawn took to Twitter to share the lengthy email. 

According to the writer of the hate mail, Dawn's manicure speaks volumes about her as a person, and is in complete juxtaposition to her political views. 

Yes people, we have reached peak 'men policing women's appearances' with this one. 

The viewer accused her nails of being distracting, and insinuated that taking care of your appearance doesn't match up to left-wing views. 

If we could just put a row of question marks here, we would. 

'It is clear to me and many other viewers that you are the type of woman who indulges in excessive nail care,' reads the complaint. 

'For all your claims to be "left wing"  and in favour of workers rights, why I ask have you not considered the rights of the nail bars you frequent?'

'How does this square with your childish left wind world view, hmmmm?'

The ridiculous, reaching complaint is gaining attention on social media, and other woman are sharing ways in which they have been shamed for their appearance at work.

One woman described being given out to for wearing large earrings, which apparently meant she wasn't a 'serious person,' while another woman was berated for her natural curly hair.  

Another was shamed for wearing no makeup at all, so it seems that when it comes to expressing (or not expressing) typically feminine beauty ideals, there is no way of winning.

We'll be rocking our French manicures, stiletto nails, bare nails, bitten nails, glitter nails or rainbow-painted digits in style, regardless of anyones' random, unsolicited opinion of what that symbolises in us as women.