He's calmed down since his Naked Chef days, but it seems that Jamie Oliver still has a very… erm, schoolboy-like mind.

Saturday Kitchen viewers were shocked this morning as Jamie made two very rude (but, admittedly hilarious) references live on air.

But, after the chef slipped a couple of sexual innuendos into the cooking show, some fans hit out and said the show was "car crash TV".

The first shock was how he reacted when Joe Hurd said that their fellow guest Anna Jones is a vegetarian.

Jamie said: "Are you vegetarian? Since when? Really? I remember putting pork in your mouth. I know her cook books are vegetarian but you use to love pork."

And then later on in the show, while asking Anna to clean a plate, he said: "Give that plate a good old rim job".

However, after the backlash, other fans began to praise him for lightening the show up a bit, with one Twitter user saying: Saturday Kitchen is EPIC today. It's like watching Father Jack minus the swearing… But then there is still time yet," and another admitting, "most amazing episode ever. Was supposed to leave home twenty minutes ago but just can't miss this wonderment!"

Ah, Jamie. You never fail to surprise us.