So many celebs have stepped out with hairstyles that we would do anything to avoid; however, there are a few that people rushed to the hair dressers to get.

The Rachel cut
No celeb hair list would be complete without adding in the Rachel cut.

Victoria Beckham’s Pageboy look
This graduated bob became a favourite with women all over and it still pretty popular.

Marilyn Monroe’s blonde curls
Marilyn Monroe’s sophisticated hair style will always be a firm favourite for special occasions. And the bottle blonde look will never go out of fashion.

Halle Berry’s cropped look
The spiky cropped look went down a treat with fans of Halle Berry and it still is popular.

The Monica
When Courteney Cox stepped out with ‘the Monica’ (a chopped wave) it almost became as popular as the Rachel.

Emma Watson’s pixie cop
When Emma Watson chopped off her hair she instantly went from child star to high flying actress.

Kate Middleton’s pony tail
Kate’s hair always looks incredible but when she stepped out with a pony tail the media went crazy!