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Scarlett Moffatt is urging fans to get their smear tests done after she received abnormal results. The reality star stressed that doctors are currently running tests as a precaution, but stressed that it is best to go, sooner rather than later.

Taking to Instagram stories, Scarlett urged her female followers to book their appointments, even if they’re nervous.

Smear tests are never as bad as they seem and it only takes mere minutes.

She said, “I went for the smear, something came back. They detected something… Lots of people have to go for biopsies and again I worked myself up about it, but I still went.

“It was four minutes of discomfort for something that's a little bit uncomfortable, but I went because it could save my life,” she added.

Scarlett spoke about the importance of early detection, “The sooner they pick it up, it's easier to manage, I get my results back in a couple of days.


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"And hopefully it comes back to say that in a year's time I'll have to go for a smear test or even fingers crossed it'll say in three years time you'll have to go for a smear test,” she added.

"But it is so important. Imagine if I kept leaving it and leaving it,” Scarlett commented.


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We understand that so many women are fearful or nervous about their smear test, especially if it is your first one, but Scarlett is too right. It is something we shouldn’t keep pushing back and back, because your health is far more valuable than that.


She is one of our favourite members of the Gogglebox crew, and now we're going to be joining Scarlett Moffatt as she looks for loveeee.

Yep, the reality star is joining our other fave TV show, First Dates and we just can't wait to see it.

Scarlett will appear on the show for a celebrity special, and we can only imagine her no-nonsense attitude being hilarious on a first date. If anyone even tries to talk BS, Scarlett will destroy them. It's going to be so brilliant.

She'll be joined by TOWIE's Jessica Wright, Esther Rantzen, and Paralympian Will Bayley in the quest for some celeb lovin'.

There's no word on when the episode will air yet, but we all know we're in for a good one.

We. Can't. Wait.