MSN was probably the first bit of social media we all joined in on – that and Bebo, of course.

We typed **Liike Diis** (God love us), had DJ Cammy lyrics as our names and stayed online for HOURS to just to see if our crush would speak to us (they never did).

Now, we all thought those days were long gone, but according to Tech Crunch, Facebook might be bringing it back… or something like it, at least.

According to the site, one user noticed there was something new in Facebook's code which sparked debate about the social network introducing a Rooms function, which is basically like a chat group and allows multiple users to interact with each other.

Furthermore, a Facebook board then said it is "for public conversations about topics and interests. Each room has a link that can be shared so anyone on Messenger can join the conversation."

SO unlike Group Chat (which is practically 2016's MSN) Facebook Rooms will allow you to interact with strangers that aren't on your friends list.

We're not too sure about it. Facebook Rooms sounds a bit dodge to us, but no doubt they'll make it into a HUGE phenomenon that everyone wants to join.

Watch this space.