It is no secret that certain types of tea can have huge health benefits.

But what you may not have known is the positive impact that various types of tea can have on your skin.

Certain types of teas can even be used to help treat specific skin disorders, including eczema and acne. Tea is full of polyphenols which are molecules that have antioxidant properties. These can help to keep your skin hydrated, restore sun-damage, and to help reduce inflammation.

Here are a few different types of herbal teas and the skin ailments that they can help.

Green tea

While it is still vital that we wear SPF 30 whenever we are directly in the sun, it has been reported that green tea can in fact help reduce the risk of skin cancer caused by sun damage. The antioxidants that are in green tea are associated with decreasing inflammation of the skin cells. It is this inflammation that contributes to the aging of the skin. Green tea can also help to protect the skin from sunburn and UV damage.


This is a caffeine-free red tea that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. Rooibos contains flavonoids which have been linked to helping to treat skin conditions such as acne or rosacea.


Out of all the teas, chamomile is the most widely renowned for possessing skin-healing qualities. The soothing tea contains flavonoids that can help to relieve skin conditions such as dry, patchy skin as well as acne.

Yerba Maté

Yerba maté is the optimum tea to prevent skin from ageing. It has loads of antioxidants that can help to prevent and repair skin damage. It is also full of caffeine so this is definitely more of a morning tea than a night time one. It is also great to treat ailments such as fatigue, appetite control and weakened immune systems.